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Star Wars 404

“Star Wars: A New Hope” Contained in 404 Page

404 pages have long been the playground of creatives. From fun pixel art to smarmy messages, the humble 404 is a fun – and often hidden – showcase for something fun.

It should come as no surprise then when the internet unearths a graphic artist that built a 404 page containing Star Wars: A New Hope IN ITS ENTIRETY.

Check it out at


While you’re at it, don’t miss this week’s edition of the exceptional Star Wars Show, straight from the halls of Lucasfilm.


The Magnificent Sound of Star Wars

Few movies are more easily identified by their sound alone than Star Wars. From shrieking TIE Fighters to the menacing buzz of a lightsaber, the Star Wars universe has been home to some of the greatest sound design of all time.

Sound design is a often under appreciated art. When done well, it is a glue that can hold the whole film together. Ideally, it’s a discipline you never think of while in the theater, and that’s exactly what makes it so easy to pass over.

Treat yourself to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens highlight reel below from Zachery Ramos-Taylor; You’ll be glad you did.


Read the original article on Gizmodo.

Perkuno’s Law

I’m no scientist, but I am fortunate to call myself the owner of two dogs. After years in the trenches, I’m pleased to announce my first (and only) breakthrough scientific discovery: Perkuno’s Law.

Nobel Prize committee, you know how to reach me.


Perkuno's Law

Jazz Fest 3

Can’t Stop the Music

Garrett’s note: I wrote this piece for Volume One, published April 6, 2016. Interested in having me write for you? Head over to my contact page to get in touch.

Teaching at what was then known as the Wisconsin State College-Eau Claire, professor Joe Casey hosted the first Eau Claire Jazz Festival. Five decades and hundreds of performances later, it is still going strong.

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Women in Jazz

Women in Jazz

Garrett’s note: I wrote this piece for Queen of the Castle Magazine, published April 1, 2016. Interested in having me write for you? Head over to my contact page to get in touch.

While pop icons like Adele and Taylor Swift seem untouchable, many female musicians face a host of challenges when breaking into and building careers in the male-dominated music industry.

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Design Methodology

Today’s product tip: A fantastic design methodology graph courtesy Matt Cooke.


Design Methodology by Matt Cooke

Click to see fullsize image. Courtesy Matt Cooke.

Lonely Mountain 2

Bree: A History

Author’s note: “Bree: A History” is a short Lord of the Rings fan-fiction set in the mountainside town of Bree. All LotR intellectual property (obviously) belongs to the Tolkien estate. Enjoy!

It was raining in Bree, a cold and pounding type that whipped up water from the nearby bay and pounded the worn wood docks in port with frothy white breakers. What torches lit the narrow cobbled streets had long since gone out, leaving the town in near total darkness.


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Red Door 1

Winter Slam

Author’s note: I wrote this piece after reflecting on open readings and poetry slams from during my college experience. The speakers always seemed – to me, at least – to have such coherent and important thoughts. They were mythic.

There was a poetry slam last night, inside Lewis Hall. Built forty years ago as a temporary home for the English, history, and philosophy departments, it was never replaced as promised and remains today a beautiful but decaying relic of the State Teachers College that lived here before it was a university.


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SpaceX banner 2

SpaceX CRS-7 Livestream

TL;DR Link to the livestream!

SpaceX is once again attempting something historic today as their CRS-7 mission takes flight and – hopefully – lands in one piece.


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