The New Bards: Micro Fiction Contest

Downtown New York

I gave my newest talk, The New Bards: Magic, Mystery, and the Art of Storytelling, to the Wisconsin State Telecom Association last week. Part of the session is a micro fiction content. Each attendee had 25 words to write a caption for the following image. Below the image is my own caption.   He met Jamie […]

Writer’s Digest “Enter Your Story” Submission

Writers Digest Enter Your Story #57

Below is my submission for Writer’s Digest’s “Enter Your Story” competition. A picture was printed in the magazine and posted online, which you can see below. We were given 25 words to write the opening lines of the story we think the picture is from. 

Writing: Going Native

Wisconsin Field 1

  Seven years ago I unceremoniously heaped my things into a beat up Chevy Suburban and left the north woods of Minnesota for a college education in the land of meat packers and beer brewers. I confess, my adjustment to Wisconsin was not always an easy one. Growing up in Grand Rapids – somewhere just […]

Never Forsake the Soul

Money Banner

Make more money or reduce the amount of money we currently spend. This was the charge from Adam Hartung in his recent piece for The bottom line of his post was that CEOs really care about only two metrics: how you helped make the company money or save the company money. I don’t think Hartung is misguided, and […]

Be an Enabler

Vinyl Banner 1

Be the enabler. Revival Records is an enabler. They sell record players at cost. But, why? Shouldn’t they be marking them up? Are record players a flagship product that could bring in significant revenue? Give me a break. That’s a short-term victory for a long-term loss. Record players are the enabler that keeps Revival Records in business. […]

The Helpless Virus


There is a terrifying parasite that eats corporate culture from the inside out. This disease is ruthlessly efficient; it doesn’t care if you’re a Fortune 500 enterprise or a two person mom-and-pop shop. The parasite feeds not on your market capitalization, but on your drive.  Learned helplessness (“The Helpless Virus”) is psychological phenomenon in which a […]